Saturday, July 17, 2010

My First Blog...

This blog has been weighing on my mind and heart for several months and I hope I have finally put something together worth posting. I have named my blog after a song a sweet grandmother-type taught me years ago-when I was just about 10 years old. "this little light of mine..."~Thank you Mrs. Carter. I will never forget you or our sitting together and singing this song.

I try to live my life just as the song suggests. I let my light shine. This world can be such a dark, depressing place and if you allow it to, your life can be made to seem unimportant. But I am a child of God and I know what wonders await me in heaven. I try my best not to be a "in your face, bible thumping, holy roller". As Saint Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the gospel everyday; if necessary, use words.” I let my life be my testimony. Often times people don’t want to be preached at, they need a caring ear, a shoulder to cry on, a friendly smile, or a simple “hello”. It is after this that they will be more susceptible to hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ. So I go about living my life, and letting my light shine and when the moment presents itself, and it will, I am ready to Share Jesus without Fear (by the way, that is the title of a great book by William Fay).

I don’t profess to be a bible scholar, but I know that the answers to life’s most difficult questions are in God’s Holy Word-all one must do is pray, read, and study. I know that over the years people have come to me seeking answers and I humbly give all the Praise to my Heavenly Father. I believe that when people ask questions of me, that they are being used by the Father, to compel me to study more. So instead of you thanking me, please allow me to thank you. With every question asked, I study more and get closer to My Lord and Savior.

I am so very blessed to have been raised in the family I was. Although I did not realize it as a child, I was place on the path at a very early age. Some of my earliest memories are those of my mother and I attending Mount Olive Baptist Church, in Manhasset, New York. One of my fondest memories is my Father taking me to his family church Lakeville AME Zion. He pointed out to me the stain glass window that had a family member’s name etched in it. I visited that same church several years back when my Aunt Clara went home to be with the Lord; it felt like “home”. I have always believed that if the seed is planted and takes root, even if a child strays away, the desire will bring them home. I know this to be true because I lived it. When my father passed I was only 12 years old and I was and am a daddy’s girl, so I took it very hard. I pulled away from the church and God-How could he take my daddy away from me? It took about two years, but because that seed had been planted and had taken root, I eventually realized that something was missing from my life. Although up until that point I had not officially accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, I knew what the answer was, so at the age of 14, I asked the Lord into my life, and was baptized, I mean REALLY baptized. Rev. Corley dropped me when he was performing the ceremony, so I was more than submerged, LOL!!! From that point on, I have been growing in Christ. There were times when the growth slowed but it did continue. Today, I attend Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church out of Jacksonville, FL, where Rev. H.B. Charles, Jr. is senior pastor.

I did not intend for my first entry to be this long, so thank you for your patience. So I will wrap this up by saying the purpose for me even doing a blog was throughout my Christian journey I have often come across scripture, devotionals, inspirationals, songs, articles, books and other bible study resources that I wanted to share, so to have a centralize location for these blessing I decided to develop my blog. I dedicate it to the up build of God’s Kingdom and pray that if anyone should find a blessing in it, that they will give all the Glory and Praise to the Father. Grace and Peace.

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  1. It is so amazing how God's word is true such as Prov 22:6 "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." This is what I know to be true and this is what I am hanging on to for my children. Thanks Lois straying but not staying because you and I would not have met nor would you have created this blog!


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